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Praxore® Camper Kit

Praxore® Camper Kit

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Wherever the journey takes you, take the Camper Kit with you. The world's most compact water heater makes enjoying outdoor showers a breeze with a simple flick of the switch.

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  • Free 1 Year Warranty
  • 24/5 Real Human Support

Discover the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy hot water whenever and wherever you have access to an LPG bottle. The Praxore Camper Kit offers a luxurious camping experience - with no compromises! You'll be amazed at the modern comforts that await you - a soothing hot-water shower, glass-top stove, and all the conveniences of home.

1. On-demand Hot Water In literally Seconds.
2. The World's Smallest Water Heater In It's Class.
3. Fast Setup & One Touch Operation.

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Built to home standards, Praxore features class-leading specs throughout

It’s actually a real, hot shower – with over 15h run time on a single gas tank. Even in winter, Praxore’s 34,000-BTU burner will give you a steaming hot shower at the flick of a switch. And with up to 6 litres per min of flow, it’ll get through any head of hair.


Does the unit drain water by itself?

The essential type (AY132 & AY132B) does not draw water by itself as it does not have a built-in pump. You will need a pressurised water source to feed water into the unit.

How to winterize the unit?

To drain the device properly, please open the drain stern at the bottom right of the water heater, turning in a counter clockwise direction. Disconnect all incoming and outgoing water lines to ensure proper drainage from the water heater.

Can this shower be used in elevation?

As long as you have good water supply.

How much water do I need for a shower?

Praxore Camper Kit has an adjustable water flow rate between 2.5-6 LPM (0.6-1.6 GPM). So, if you want a 5-minute shower, you will use between 12.5-30 litres (3.3-8 gallons) of water.

How it can hold up in the weather?

The unit was designed for portable outdoor use. It is splash-proof and can manage a little drizzle, however, prolonged exposure to rain/water will damage the internal components.

Gas requirements for the unit.

It uses gas to heat up water and can run off 9kg (20lb) BBQ gas bottles for 16 hours of continuous use.

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